For Music Supervisors

Since there are no lyrics in our music, but funny vocals without meaning we think our music is very suitable as mood music for commercials, events and documentaries. Here you can quickly preview some highlights of our songs to get a basic idea of our songs without listening to the full album.

1. Carnaval
A crazy party with a carnavalesque sound, cheering crowds, and a gradual buildup. Latin influences and crazy kazoos.

2. Tweet
Tweet might be a perfect fit for a telecom advertisement, since it hints communication with sounds like tweet and blablabla. Has just that extra bit of cowbell and a Hammond solo.

3. Ooow Aaah Yeah Yeah
Suits the fifties sound. Cosy choirs, and whistling refrain. Mellow tone.

4. Cumbia Electra
Passionate vocals, one of our most aggressive songs (but only a little). A bit more towards the genre ‘world music’.

5. Oriental Dreams
Has that Asian flavour to it.
Vocals: Nahnahnah. Chihuahua

6. Rush and Go
Starts with a 40s jazzy sound and melts over into a hurry hurry up fast groove. A crazy song for very active people.

7. Do Ya Doobie
Looking for coolness: the intro of Do ya doobie fits a fifties kinda coolness with a hint of a sexy mysterious woman and ends with a swinging out-of your-roof- gospel sound.

8. Kanbal
Is a balkan beat song with an Eastern European flow to it. Tempo changes.

9. Crystal Mambo
Has a sexy summer-like romantic touch to it and could fit a cool hip drink, or something related to beach-subjects. Regular dance beat with slap bass, vibraphone, congas.
Vocals: Boom boom boom.

10. RaggaReggae
Makes you think of a relaxed summer breeze, that reminds you of a hammock under the palmtrees on a white beach with blue blue sea…

11. Bouncy Boogaloo
Is energetic and funny, so any commercial with a humouristic/ playful* character could be a match.
Vocals: the word ‘pow’ and a cosy scat solo.